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Livingston Enterprises Main Offices

Livingston Enterprises, Inc

Livingston Enterprises Inc. headquarters is located in Fairbury, Ne.  This building, which was constructed in 1923, was originally a…

Livingston Enterprises Stateline FacilityStateline View Facility

Stateline View is LEI’s original facility.  The site is a 7,350 sow breed to wean operation.

Livingston Enterprises Wilderness View FacilityWilderness View Facility

Constructed in 2007, Wilderness View is a 7,350 breed to wean operation.

Livingston Enterprises Ridge View FacilityRidge View Facility

In 2015, Ridge View facility was constructed.  It is a 7,350 sow breed to wean operation.

LEI Constant Expansion Efforts

LEI Constant Expansion Efforts

Livingston Enterprises, Inc. was started by Bruce Livingston at the age of eight with six gilts. He earned three of the gilts by working…

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LEI Animal Nutrients

LEI Animal Nutrients

LEI uses the latest technology and best management practices when it comes to effluent application. We use a dragline system to…

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LEI Animal Nutrients

With LEI’s growth mode, Livingston Enterprises Transport, Inc. (LET) was formed. LET is currently made up of 24 team members and has…

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Bruce Has Grown LEI From Six Gilts At The Age Of Eight To 32,000 Sows And 1,000,000 Weaned Pigs Produced Per Year!


Valuing, respecting and providing a safe working environment for our employees

Animal Nutrients

The latest technology and best management practices when it comes to effluent application


Supporting communities where we live and work through employee engagement and assisting with worthy causes

Global Opportunities

LEI's production team is made up of local individuals as well as trainees from numerous countries throughout the world

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``We Strive For Excellence In Swine Production``

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